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Do i need a professional painter?

Of course. Painting your home seems simple enough with so many resources available at places like Home Depot® and the internet. Consider some reasons the many resources fail to explain.

  • Painting is very labor intensive requiring significant prep and cleanup time.
  • Damage to furniture and other belongings from moving is common.
  • Professionals are conditioned to the back breaking task. You will get a workout.
  • Hiring your local handyman is tempting but they are not experts and it will show.
  • Did you know that popcorn texture must be sprayed? Do you have a professional sprayer?
  • What about edges? Difference between amateur and professional results.
  • Paint quality determines how well your home will hold the color.
  • Warranty and guarantee should always be a consideration.
  • What is your paint warranty from places like Home Depot® or Lowe's®?
  • How many times will your discounted paint need to be applied to cover difficult sections?

Quality of a professional paint job is self-evident. Likewise, so is a job performed by an amateur. When the dust settles, the cost difference between professional and non-professional is not significant. Just remember you will see those imperfections every single day.

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